About Us

Two girls with a life & families grown and rooted in the North came together through true friendship and a passion for living the northern lifestyle and always finding adventure wherever they go. The simplicity and the beauty that surrounds us in the North is truly remarkable and something that we don’t take for granted and we wanted to find a way to share our incredible lifestyle with you. 2020 has been a year of challenges, struggles and personal growth and with that came our realization that we continually seek adventure living in the North always wanting to explore and always finding or seeing something new even after being here for over 35 years. So on a long road trip home a phone call was made and the conversation started between two friends and a vision of Northern Lifestyle Co. Ltd was created and then over a glass or two (maybe a bottle) of vino the vision became a reality and Northern Lifestyle Co. Ltd. was created. Little did we know that we had just found our adventure and over the next couple months we would realize that our passion for our northern roots and beautiful place we call home led us to where we are today which is being able to share a glimpse of the North with you through our brand and encourage you to find your adventure! We are so grateful for this adventure and to share our brand with you and hopefully inspire you to live your best life, embrace the challenges, find yourself and your roots, and most of all find your adventure!




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